Surf : Shelby Detmers

Age/DOB: 16, 03/09/94

AKA: Shelbs

Residence: Newport Beach, CA

Sport: surfing

Favorite food? I'm not a picky eater so it's all good to me

Favorite bands? Bob Marley, Phoenix, Notorious B.I.G., the Killers, M.I.A., Dr. Dre

Other Hobbies? yoga

How would you describe yourself, what inspires you?
I guess I would describe myself as easy going and layed back, which i think is probably the same thing, and everyone and anything inspires me to me a better surfer and a better person

One thing your grateful for?
a thing that I'm grateful for is to have the life I have even though it's a rollercoaster its an adventure.

Describe a life changing moment in your life?
the day i first got up on a board and started surfing 5 years ago