Where were you born:
Durange, Colorado

Where do you live:
Huntington Beach, California

Fave junk food:
Nutty Bars, Gummy Savers, Mr. Goodbar, and Moose Tracks Ice Cream

Fave Fast Food:
Del Taco hands down favorite

Size Deck you ride:

Your Skate set up: (trucks, wheels, grip etc.)
Siren Skateboard, Thunder Trucks, Embrace Eurethane, Bones Reds Bearings, and Impact Grip

Fave skatespot:
Pacifica High Ledges

Fave Trick
B/S Noseblunts

What do you do for fun besides skateboarding:
Build websites, Hang with my girly, and People Watch

Videos you have been in:
Reliance's Identity Theft, Reliance and Siren's Burl Factor, Foolishness, LipTrix (utah shop vid), others....

What inspires you:
This World, Graphics, Jesus Christ, Honesty, and My brothers AFRO

Truth Soul Armor, Siren Skateboards, Active Rideshop, Emerica Footwear, Embrace Eurathane, and Impact Grip Tape

Thank yous:
Thanks to my parents/family for supporting me all these years through this skateboarding/ministry roller coaster. My girlfriend for being so supportive and when she's sick of me my "dog house" is the skatepark. The KKSM family for mentoring me and just being AWESOME. Jesus Christ for dying for my sins. :)