SKATE : Brennan Aubol

Brennan Aubol aka "B"

Where were you born:
Torrance, California

Where do you live:
Carlsbad, California

Fave Bible Verse:
Phillipians 4:13 & John 3:16

Fave Bands:
Beastie Boys, Vampire Weekend and Switchfoot

Fave junk food:
DQ Blizzards

Fave Fast Food:
Kotija Jr. Bean & Cheese Burritos

Size Board you surf:
5'5" Roberts Grom Model and 5'3" Roberts Black Diamond

Fave Surfspot:

What do you do for fun besides surfing:

What inspires you:
Andy Irons


Truth Soul Armor, Roberts Surfboards, Cobian, Kreed Eyewear, Hansen's Boardroom, Koastal Skateboards, Fulcrum Surf Studio/Training and Sticky Bumps

Thank yous:
Jesus & Parents