Skate : Casey Wells

Name: Casey William Wells

Where were you born: Long Beach CA

Where do you live: Huntington Beach CA

Fave junk food: Lays chips

Fave Fast Food: Del Taco

Size Deck you ride: 8.25

Your Skate set up: Thunder trucks, some random blank wheels and bearings, Siren board and this cheap grip I think

Fave skatespot: This ditch by my house

Fave Trick: Fakie 3 Flip

What do you do for fun besides skateboarding: Basketball and XBOX

Videos you have been in: Oh man.. Static (Eaglewood Skateshop), DTS Video, Some Idaho ones, Reliance's Identity Theft and the Reliance and Siren's Burl Factor 4 Wheel Tractor. Might have forgot a few

What inspires you: Jesus and music

Sponsors: Truth Soul Armor, Siren Skateboards, Airspeed Footwear, KKSM, Active Rideshop

Thank yous: JESUS! everyone at Truth Everyone at Airspeed, Pop Dee at Siren and Rick from KKSM