Welcome to the brand new Truth Soul Armor Online store

“Success without Blood, Sweat and Tears is never as sweet”

James Mostert

Truth Soul Armor is back……….

As we all know Truth Soul Armor got its roots in San Clemente, CA, This is where it all started almost 15 years ago. Now we found that it is transforming into a truly global brand with appeal across the world. And like a Phoenix rising from the ashes we will rise from the edge of darkness to fly high into the sun.

We still believe in the core values we had at the beginning:

“Truth Soul Armor believes today’s youth is sold short by a society that is content to offer superficial dreams in a shallow pool of lust, greed, and ego. We believe this generation has an appetite for deeper things, which give life meaning and purpose. Truth has become an influential clothing line to inspire young minds to look beyond the next fix and find what they are truly looking for.”