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For the last 5 years Cobus Potgieter has been a passionate ambassador of the Truth Soul Armor brand and having racked up over 100 million Youtube views for his drum cover videos he has given the TSA brand some serious mileage. We wanted to say thank you by setting up a range curated by him. On this page you will see a number of styles that he loves and has made popular through his video series and this includes a number of other styles he hand picked for you.

All garments will be made to order and will be delivered by Christmas so would be a great stocking filler or present for a loved one.

If you order more than three items, Cobus will record a personalized video for you – addressing you by name, wishing you merry Christmas, and possibly making a bad joke or two. The first 75 orders will also get a signed Christmas card, stock and time are both very limited so be sure to order asap!

5 thoughts on “Cobus Potgieter Promotion

  1. I ordered 4 items three days after the Cobus promotion was announced and I want to know if I got into the ‘Cobus makes a video for me’ group
    And also, can I request who Cobus personalises the video to?

    • Hi there. Yes you did and we will be sending you the personalized video link. Can you tell me your brothers name and surname and where they are from then we will do that for you. If there is anything else you want cobus to say then let me know.

      Regards james

  2. Cobus you are amazing! Anytime I have that is free I would always end up watching you. Any music I’d listen to first is your and your band where ever I go. I’d watch and have watched your drum covers over and over again for the past 5 years. STAY AWESOME COBUS!!!!!!!

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